The Ramblings of a University Graduate

My graduation ceremony was last Tuesday. After four years of assignments, examinations, tears, laughs and outstanding willpower, my undergraduate journey has been completed. The ceremony itself was efficient and the speeches were mostly reflective though general to the convocation spirit. The theme of new beginnings, new chapters in life starting was prevalent and, I bet, common in the heads of… Read more →


My Love Affair with Poetry

Conceptualising my love affair with poetry is dreadfully difficult. While the expression is one of deep, personal feeling, the twisted and unlimited anger I pose towards the subject often cages my true desire to reveal both outstanding love and hatred for the art form. How passionately I feel pulled along either path! The intense back and forth has followed me… Read more →


Going for Your Goals

Hey there! We are officially at half the year gone ladies and gentleman! With the arrival of June, January seems very far away. Though, as I have been working on revamping my blog layout, I started rereading some of my old posts. One in particular that jumped out at me was my goals for 2016. I was pleasantly surprised to discover… Read more →