A Traveller’s Playlist

Whether you’re jet setting off to an exciting and exotic local this summer or enjoying the fun of a day trip with friends and family, there is no doubt you will need music to accompany you. Since I am planning on doing a fair bit of travelling this year, near and far from home, I have devised the perfect airplane… Read more →


Childhood Fantasy

Childhood stories can be some of the most influential learning tools we experience throughout our lives. Not only are childhood stories incredibly long-lasting in our minds, but they instil the idea of magic, heroism, and devilish deeds early on in our lives when we’re incredibly malleable. These stories can provide an outlet for the brilliantly, inexhaustible imagination of children to… Read more →

wisdom 8

Writing Wisdom #8: All Those Crazy Terms

We are up to numero otto, with my ‘Writing Wisdom; series. You can catch up on the last instalment (here!) or if you’ve missed out on the fun thus far, why not start at the beginning (here!). Today’s topic is about all those crazy terms often thrown around in literary journals or psychology papers. Mainly these literary terms get there… Read more →


Under Construction

Happy Sunday! As you can tell from my title of this post, I have some exciting news. I am giving my blog layout a makeover. Yes, it is time for a fresh new change. What better time to go forward with my plan then in spring. So, let me give you a run down of what’s happening. My website won’t… Read more →