July ,24 2016
Introducing ‘Novellette’ 2.0!

And the story begins with a brand new introduction! Yes, I am proud to say that after months of slowly working away at adding my own touches and finishes to my new blog design, it…

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July ,17 2016
The Letter

Understanding the world to be an unpredictable and devastating place has not been difficult in the past weeks, even years. Tragedy after tragedy unfolds to plague news reports and cripple family units. I am sure,…

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July ,11 2016
Monday Myths

The best way to start off this story is to ask if you like hearing about myths? It’s not uncommon that local neighbourhoods and old historic buildings come chock full of their own rich heritage. Paired…

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July ,3 2016
From Working Hard to Hardly Working

Today’s long weekend celebrating Canada Day has finally ended and has been a whirlwind. The weather has managed to stay rather lovely. Taking a nightly stroll is becoming so much more enjoyable. Not to mention…

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June ,26 2016
Writing Wisdom #9: When ‘I’ is Not ‘Me’

Number Nine, here we go! I have been saving this one in my back pocket for a little while now but the inspiration to put it into words finally hit me at work yesterday. Admittedly,…

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