July ,24 2014
A Day in Downtown Oakville

One of my favourite things to do in the summer is to go on day trips! I always find that even if I'm not taking on a massive travel undertaking, this way you still get to enjoy the beauty of places closer to you and have a nice relaxing day out : ) So on a pure whim, my family and I decided that we would spend the day in Downtown Oakville. It's a quaint, lake-side, high end, historical area not too far from where I live but it is definitely one of my most favourite places ever! It is packed with tiny boutiques and well known shops for those who prefer bigger brand stores, and tons of fabulous restaurants (from gourmet burgers to Italian, to sushi, to exclusive harvest themed restaurants with menus changing by the day) and coffee shops. And I LOVE coffee shops! photo 4My favourite local haunt is called 'The Green Bean'. Not only can you get a fantastic cup of coffee but it probably has every latte, frappe, cappuccino, and (most importantly) pastry known to man! It is a definitely a place to pop in. It is lively and fun and always packed with interesting people, writing, reading, chatting and laughing. A great atmosphere! These are some of the delicious treats! From left to right: A chocolate and strawberry mousse square with dark chocolate drizzle and centre. A strawberry and banana fresh fruit frappe with fresh strawberries on top! Always refreshing! One of my top choices, is this strawberry, rhubarb, apple tart with a shortbread crust and adorable flower cut out on top : ) [gallery link="none" ids="363,364,362"] After stopping by the cafe, there is nothing like stretching your legs and walking around the historic streets. There are lots of buildings that date back to the 1800s. As a complete history buff (and a little bit of a nerd, haha), I LIVE for this stuff! The buildings and homes have an adorable old world feel and are tended with such care. The colours are awesome and the architecture is amazing. There are at least three different churches that still sound old fashioned bells every hour. If you close your eyes you can be transported back in time. [gallery link="none" ids="380,378,384"] But my favourite part of the whole day is always when we take a stroll down by the lake. Nestled on Lake Ontario, on a beautiful day there is a perfect view of Toronto in the distance : ) photo 2 Overall, I always have a fantastic day whenever I'm out with the family or friends and when I can find beauty really close to home! Just what the doctor ordered on a beautiful summer day : ) Do you ever take day trips close to home? Where do you go? Happy day tripping : ) xo Novellette

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