July ,22 2014
Bookworm Reading – July

If there is anything about my family that is a 100% true, it’s that we are a family of readers. I personally have had a long standing relationship with reading, along with my writing, and…

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July ,20 2014
Updating the iPod

My iPod is not just my music device, it is an extension of my soul. A little intense? Either way, it’s true. There is never a day when I don’t listen to music (often to…

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July ,18 2014
Writing Wisdom

Like a lot of authors, the start of my writing journey has progressed naturally and with a lot of patience. I have always had a strong love of writing. I can remember writing stories with my…

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July ,16 2014
‘Could You Not?’ Pet Peeves

Recently while out to dinner with a good friend, our waiter (though dashingly handsome) was doing what my friend calls a ‘hover’. This is whenever the check comes and you may want to discuss the…

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