July ,30 2014
The Simple Things of Life

Flower bed Today was one of those days that often feels overwhelming. Despite still being on summer vacation, I’ve been keeping myself busy with tons of projects and been going out quite a bit more than I usually do. Sometime I can be quite a homebody, haha! Trying to calm my overworked mind, I thought of all the little things that always make me feel cheerful and glad to be alive. Sounds a little cheesy, but it’s true all the same : )

My Simple Things of Life

  1. A bottle of ice cold Coca-Cola
  2. Coming home to a pizza dinner
  3. Remembering that song from the radio
  4. Feeling the sun on your face
  5. Watching the stars come out
  6. A new pay check
  7. A brand new pair of shoes
  8. Colourful, fresh flowers
  9. A compliment
  10. Daydreaming
  11. A brand new lipstick
  12. An inside joke
  13. A good cry
  14. Finding loose change on the ground
  15. A free latte
  16. Handwritten letters
I definitely think when our lives get hectic and busy it is important to slow down and make sure we have time for the simple things of life. Grab that book, go for a walk, and just take a big breath. Maybe even try writing a little list for yourself! What types of things make you happy? xo Novellette

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