July ,18 2014
Writing Wisdom

Like a lot of authors, the start of my writing journey has progressed naturally and with a lot of patience. I have always had a strong love of writing. I can remember writing stories with my great aunt and my grandmother when I was really little and it has stuck ever since. So when I was in high school and I discovered that my school was offering a creative writing course, I needed little incentive to sign myself up. And then the bigger incentive came along. During the morning announcements, word of a short story and poetry contest was broadcast across the school. Not only was I excited, but when I found out a chance of being published was the reward, I was ready to create something and get my name out there. When I look back on that contest, I always get quite excited to think of how far I've come ever since. I prepared a poem and a short story, mailed off (still quite old fashioned, I am) the application and the works and waited. In truth, as months passed, I forgot about the contest. Then, flash forward to the last day of spring examinations before the summer holiday. I handed in my creative writing essay to my teacher and just as I was leaving the class and heading down the hall, she called out to me. Struck with fear that I was somehow in trouble because of the exam, she instead handed me an envelope. My heart raced. The contest. Thanking my teacher, I anxiously ripped open the letter, and saw that I had made it to the semi-final round with my poem. As this was a nation wide contest and only the best 30% of the country was considered for the semi-finals, I was both thrilled and shocked as I always considered my creative writing stronger than my poetry. Nonetheless, I was over the moon! Still, more time passed. A few days later, when I arrived home I found another envelope from the   contest, this time delivered to my home. Anticipating either being cut or being told I was again put through, I found that inside was actually another congratulation form telling me that my short story was also being considered. Once again, over the moon! Finally when the day of the results came, I knew the shot of winning was small as only the top 15% of the semi-finalists would make it through and be published. But my Mum told me that with two entries there was a chance. Thank God for the wisdom of parents! I saw the results list and there I was: My poem = 4th place My story = 7th place It was enough for me : ) And from there, my creative writing and my poetry continued to grow. With more contests and more placements, my confidence definitely grew! Now came the biggest dream: a full length novel. I felt ready and though I was only seventeen when I began composing what would eventually become my debut novel 'ALTAI', with a little determination and backing from my loved ones, I knew I was ready to give it a shot. Altai-jpegAnd here we are, almost three and a half years later and my novel 'ALTAI' is available to the public on all international Amazon websites and KOBO! You can check out all the details on my 'Shop' page and I would love any feedback to help spread the word : ) So coming around to my main point with this post, I was really driven by the idea that young people (with a lot of proofreading and editing) can be published authors as well. Who better to express the inner thoughts and feelings of a young adult, than a young adult? It was a large driving force in encouraging me forward : ) And it is also another reason why I have decided to start another writing themed reoccurring segment (these have been some of my favourites so far) called, you guessed it, 'Writing Wisdom'! I'm not claiming to be an expert, but having some experience in the publishing and writing world, I figured I could offer some of my own personal experience and some of the ideas and techniques I use to help me when either writing for a contest or just for fun : ) To begin, here are three of the factors I consider most important when trying to create a new story.

1. Importance of Character

No matter how thrilling a plot, I always find that an unconvincing character can destroy the whole illusion of your creative world. Create characters with real emotion. Nobody is happy or depressed all the time and neither should your character be constrained to one emotion. Yes, characters often face extreme circumstances and harsh pasts but their emotions should transition similarly to an actual human like: happiness to melancholy then to sadness.

2. Trust in Imagination

Where would we be without imagination? With endless possibilities, trust in your instincts to craft the story or the poem and image that you would want to read. The most important thing is that you look back on your work and like the finished product.

3. Research. Rest. Research.

Just like in the good ol' school days, research always makes the project. Whether you look up name spellings in different languages or do a complete study of the Greek gods of old, every little detail helps to build your universe into a believable world or become closer to mimicking whatever real society you choose. What kind of things do you look for in a book? Are you the type to be contained to one style and genre, or do you like reading outside the box? I'm also open to any and all questions whether about my book or about writing in general. You can tweet me on Twitter (I respond fast!), drop me an email, and find me on Bloglovin! Look forward to hearing for you : ) xo Novellette

10 thoughts on “Writing Wisdom

  1. Congratulations! Since I really enjoy your blog, I think I’ll have to get my hands on your new book. And as a teen with a dream of someday becoming a published author I thank you for your strong advice. Something I’ll remember next time I’ll sit down to write something :)

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoy reading it! That’s so nice of you :) If you do pick it up, I would love to hear your thoughts! Appreciate you taking the time to comment :D

  2. ALTAI! is my new favourite !! I needed something new to read on my summer holidays. After I saw your book ALTAI on Kindle I just had to read it because your blog is so well written. I loved the storyline of ALTAI. I definitely recommend this book to anyone wanting to read an amazing story.

  3. ALTAI!!! is FANTASTIC!!! I purchased it on my KOBO and the story is amazing. You are a fantastic, compelling and imaginative writer. The story is so fast moving, exciting , I could not put it down. I can’t wait until you write another novel, fingers crossed!

  4. Congratulations on your wonderful accomplishments! You give some really good writing advice. I love the way this post was presented.

  5. Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog! I love the way this post was written. What great success you have had. I’m also really enjoying the layout of the blog! I just gave you a follow on bloglovin, if you could do the same!
    Thanks again,

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