August ,31 2014
Here Horse-y, Horse-y, Horse-y

Too Many Egbert's. Cryptic Message. The Mennonite Kid. D'Artagnan. Renegade Man. Silent Wish.

Yes, all names of fabulous thoroughbred horses that I had the pleasure of witnessing racing at their best yesterday afternoon when we travelled up to the horse races. racesI have always been a fan of the horse races ever since I was a little kid, but I haven't been in years and to finally get back out on the track, feel the excitement of the betting, and hear the sound of the starting pistol and jingle, oh, it was perfect! Obviously, I'll not encourage gambling on horse races (or any other gambling in general), but it is fun to spend a few dollars (as long as you're in complete control of your habits, of course) and see if you come out lucky : ) photo 1One of my favourite parts is the names of the horses which are always so interesting to look at. I remember when I was little I would only pick horses with really pretty names like: Moonlit Beauty or Princess! Having got away from the horse-picking-based-on-pretty-names thing, I actually learned to read a lot of the stats clearly this time. The endless numbers of past races, odds, 'in the money' scores, and overall best times seems overwhelming to the unexperienced onlooker. Trust me! Really all the everyone usually looks at is the odds: 20-1, 2-1, 8-1, 40-1. I learned to place my own bet at the beginning of the day and was in full swing of things by dinner, even knowing the different between 'Win' (you think your horse will come first place), 'Place' (you think either first or second), and 'Show' (you think either first, second, or third), the third choice of 'Show' being your best bet to win : ) I was fortunate to carry on a small winning streak and hearing the crowds cheering and jump up in excitement always sets my heart going! photo 5The weather was absolutely beautiful and all the thoroughbred horses looked amazing in their majestic movements. We got to watch as they paraded the horses around before hand to show off their colours and introduce the jockeys and then after the race, to see one team eventually reach the winner's circle and have their photo taken is so exciting, especially if the winner is announced after a photo finish! I guess I always considered horse racing kind of an old-world day out. You don't hear, or at least I don't, hear of people saying they're going to the track that often compared to in times past. Nonetheless, it's the perfect reason to get nice and dressed up. I went for a blue floral ensemble after finally deciding : ) Have you ever been to the horse races, or even dog races? Let me know and thanks for stopping by, I very much appreciate it : ) xo Novellette

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    1. It’s definitely a great way to spend the afternoon and even if you don’t bet, just watching the horses race and feeling the energy in the crowds is awesome. Hope you get to go at one point :) Thanks for the comment1

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