August ,29 2014

While playing a game of poker the other night, I was fortunate enough to draw a full house on the first round. Not only was I excited winning the hand, but discovered on the very next hand, I drew another full house. Again, another win! cardsNot only was I stunned by the chances, but I couldn't help but thinking how lucky it was : ) Luck is usually considered as something intangible like a force much greater than us that grapples to our lives for either the positive or the negative. So you find a dollar on the street: lucky. You miss your bus and forget your student card on the day of your final exam: unlucky. Get tickets to the hottest concert of the summer: lucky. It rains everyday on your holidays: unlucky. I find it odd, yet intriguing, how strongly certain situations can be brought down to being amazing or horrible because of luck or how it seems that some people are more fortunate in luck than others. But the superstition that comes with luck is just as intriguing. Everybody wants to keep their lucky streak going once they have it, trying to avoid the dreaded jinx of course, but once it's gone, it's gone. No way to reclaim it until that seemingly normal or absolutely horrible event happens that makes you know luck is on your side, or fighting against you, once more. Do you think some people are innately more lucky? Are you one of those lucky people? I tend to fall in the middle, but for now I think I'll try to avoid breaking mirrors or walking under ladders, haha : ) Or do you think that some things are better left unexplained and marked up as pure coincidence? xo Novellette

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