August ,23 2014
Is the World Waiting for a Rose?

I feel like I should have saved this post for Valentine’s Day, but since it’s been coming up a lot lately I figured why wait around for February : ) As a guilty pleasure, I will…

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August ,21 2014
From Makeup to Makeup Remover

All makeup lovers know on the other side of buying all the amazing and beautiful products we love, there is always the need to have great makeup remover in your makeup bag. One of the…

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August ,19 2014
Some Fruit is Just Not the Same

There is nothing better than fresh fruit. After months and months of being forced to eat canned fruit because of abnormal cold temperatures (thanks Mother Nature), it’s almost a foreign experience to taste what fruit…

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August ,17 2014
Hearts on the Ground

Lately while enjoying my latest summer read, The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky, (which I would definitely recommend!) I have been finding a lot of quotes I keep jotting down for later. Always good to…

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