September ,28 2014
Updating the iPod #3

Hello everyone : ) Back for another instalment of ‘Updating the iPod’! So far we’ve explored the exciting worlds of¬†House music and Celtic music. Today,¬†feeling like a nice homey day, I though of the perfect…

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Images from Tumblr
September ,24 2014

Despite not being pastel, I couldn’t help but include the grey one I purchased. My camera is making the shades appear darker than they are, but, trust me they are so soft in shade :…

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September ,20 2014
Favourite Authors

Morning everyone! I hope for those having returned to school, the pressure of the grind hasn’t been too intense already : ) With all the readings and assignments surely to be pouring in sooner or…

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September ,18 2014
What Did You Say?

Something that I’m sure everyone likes to do in their spare time is people watch. It sounds strange to say but I’m positive everyone has done it. When you’re sitting outside waiting for your friend…

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