September ,20 2014
Favourite Authors

Morning everyone! I hope for those having returned to school, the pressure of the grind hasn't been too intense already : ) With all the readings and assignments surely to be pouring in sooner or later (let's hope for later!), the joy of reading for fun is always pushed to the side in favour of all those riveting school articles. books-jpLike any book lover, the pain of seeing your favourite current read sitting on your night table left unread can be just as painful as not having anything to read at all. I have about four books calling my name that I know will definitely have to wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas break. Yet, when a new book I forgot I preordered just arrived, I could not help but open it up and read a few pages. My curse, however, is that I always flip a book open to the most crucial details! I'm a spoiler magnet, haha! I don't have a favourite type of novel, but I do have a few favourite authors. When composing this list, I noticed I tend to like male authors over female authors, but as long as the story is good and the characters are believable I'll take books written by either : )

Box with Check - JPEG1. Ken Follett

Mr. Follett is the only author who has ever made me loath the sight of a characters name. In a good way that is. I find villains one of the most difficult personalities to create to make them truly convincing. Mr. Follett managed to not only get me to loath his villain in his historical novel The Pillars of the Earth, but made me shiver at the sight of the character's name: William. Not only is Mr. Follett a fantastically detailed historical writer, but his history is accurate and his stories are riveting, making some of his 900+ page novels easy reads. My recommendation: The Pillars of the Earth and Fall of Giants

Box with Check - JPEG2. Mark Twain

I fell in love with Mr. Twain's writing when I was quite young. He has probably been one of my favourite authors for the longest amount of time! I always loved the innocence of his novels, like The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and the creativity associated with books like A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. Having read and reread Mr. Twain's books continuously at different ages I find you can always get something new and interesting from his writing. It's as if reading a new book every single time : ) My recommendation: The Prince and the Pauper (my favourite book of all time!)

Box with Check - JPEG3. Harper Lee

I can remember when I was first introduced to Harper Lee, the main idea my school teacher kept saying was the fact that Ms. Lee only wrote ONE novel. ONE novel. But, I never believed that didn't mean her first and only novel wasn't a great, intellectual novel. To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favourite books with characters both extremely realistic and relatable. Not only was the story very relevant and current for its time, the issues of acceptance and standing up for ones beliefs can be extracted and utilized in today's society. My recommendation: the one and only To Kill a Mockingbird

Box with Check - JPEG4. J.R.R Tolkien

I don't think Mr. Tolkien needs much introduction. In my opinion, the King of all fantasy novels, there is not much more to say about Mr. Tolkien except that his creating of an entire world, at the time an extraordinary feat, with its own languages and extraordinarily original and creative characters promises a fantastic read. I have always strongly connected with Mr. Tolkien's vision and always take the same approach with continuity, being my belief that even though the book is over, the story never truly ends. My recommendation: The Lord of the Rings (the entire trilogy) and The Hobbit. Tolkien also writes a variety of short stories, available in collections revolving around Middle Earth which are fantastic. Those are four of my absolute favourites. I have a few others (William Shakespeare, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Thomas Hardy, etc) but I think I might save them for another time : ) Who are some of your favourite authors? Are you a J.K. Rowling fan? Or do you prefer the work of Jane Austen or George R. R. Martin? xo Novellette P.S. I'm looking forward to a few things I have up coming up for Novellette in the next few weeks, so for now, with all my preparations, I'm going to pull back on posting every other day and switch over to two days a week and maybe a sprinkling of a random post every once in a while : ) So you can expect our weekly chats on: Wednesdays and Sundays starting this coming week!

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