September ,16 2014
B is for Bismarck

For our second segment of ‘Characters of Quality from A to Z‘ I thought I would try one of my favourite historical figures to learn about: Otto von Bismarck. Bismarck could be seen as more…

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September ,14 2014
Real-Life Fiction IV: The Wolf

Instalment number four of ‘Real-Life Fiction’. Happy reading! The Wolf The depth of the snow surpassed the height of my hiking boots. Still, I walked. The night was soon to fall. The glisten of the…

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September ,12 2014
To Tread on the Dust

I’m not sure about how everyone else is doing internationally, but here in Canada, the end of the week has reverted all us sunglass styling, dress twirling, and tank top wearing folk back into coats…

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September ,10 2014
Turning Back Time

Saying the title of this blog post is a heavy order and, unfortunately impossible (unless you have a TARDIS!) But, every time period has its benefits. Some are praised for elegant simplicity and less polluted…

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