September ,24 2014

[caption id="attachment_936" align="alignright" width="300"] Despite not being pastel, I couldn't help but include the grey one I purchased. My camera is making the shades appear darker than they are, but, trust me they are so soft in shade : )[/caption] Gone are the days of shorts and summer dresses and beginning are those beautiful bright autumn days. Now that the official season of fall has commenced all my favourite shops are beginning to bring out the latest seasons trends. Despite my love of shopping, I will say, shopping for autumn was not always my favourite. Even though I am a jacket fanatic (it's a problem!) I have a natural dislike of most sweaters when I'm wearing them. I tend to not like any shirts that are high necked and most sweaters seem to have this as a feature. You can understand my frustration when shopping, I imagine. Many a time I have seen adorable sweaters on friends but have never loved them for myself, until I found these beauties! [caption id="attachment_942" align="alignleft" width="200"]cute pastels These shirts that I also bought are closer to the real pastel colour of the sweaters on the right.[/caption] While in the shop, the sales representative told me that there was a large influx of pastel colours this coming season, and having kept up with multiple fashion weeks as of late, I knew it to be true! I picked up a quite a few (none high necked, thank God!) and love them dearly, even though usually I am one for bright bold colours. That's half the reason why I love summer! But the gentle and softness of the shades are so comforting. Plus, pastel colours always remind me of cakes and all the other assorted treats that belong a quaint tea party : ) But I think I'm really going to enjoy this trend and I think unlike some other trends of the past, that shall not be mentioned for fear of a cringe attack, this colour palette is going to be quite transitional in years to come. I can't wait to see how others are going to be wearing this all season.What do you think? Do you like pastels and are willing to give this trend a try? Or are you keen on darker colours for autumn leading into winter? xo Novellette P.S. Did I make you hungry with those pictures? Haha! ; )

6 thoughts on “Pastels

  1. If the pastries are any indication of the colours to wear this autumn ,you have me “ready to shop!!!”
    I, on the other hand love sweaters (not high necklines, either) so I cannot wait to add some new shades to my sweater collection. Great Post!!

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