September ,28 2014
Updating the iPod #3

iPhone-rascalHello everyone : ) Back for another instalment of 'Updating the iPod'! So far we've explored the exciting worlds of House music and Celtic music. Today, feeling like a nice homey day, I though of the perfect genre to talk about. One of my oldest and longest loved genres: Country music! Associated with a good time, good food, and great people, country music is a hugely influential genre in the music industry. Some of the biggest stars in the world are in country music! With its seemingly endlessly adaptable nature, country music is definitely one of the most long-lasting genres.

Country Music

Country music originated in the United States, specifically the South, during the era of the 1920s. In its style, country is usually accompanied with lots of string instruments, specifically banjos and fiddles. I always love when a little bit of harmonica is even added in : ) The genre has changed drastically throughout the years since the 1920s but that down home feel, I think, is the one thing that has stayed the same. I always find country music is a good reminder of ideals like family, friends, and especially home : ) With roots in folk music and old time cowboy songs, as well as ballads, the genre is incredibly adaptable. So from country pop to neocountry to country rock, the choices and combinations are endless! My Recommended Artists: Rascal Flatts - "Feels Like Today", Carrie Underwood - "See You Again", and Lady Antebellum - "Hello World" Are you a fan of country music? xo Novellette

6 thoughts on “Updating the iPod #3

  1. I love country music! I also really enjoy watching country dancing, it’s so coordinated and fun!
    Two years ago I had the plasure to listen live and discover Stacie Collins, she was so great!!

    1. It’s one of the most fun genres :) My best friend is a huge country music fan so she’s always getting me into different artists. I’ll definitely have to ask her about Stacie Collins.

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