September ,18 2014
What Did You Say?

wdys-jpSomething that I'm sure everyone likes to do in their spare time is people watch. It sounds strange to say but I'm positive everyone has done it. When you're sitting outside waiting for your friend or listening to your iPod (I always find this the most prime observation time) you watch other individuals go about their day on the phone or otherwise. But a funny thing about people watching is that you sometimes can't help but overhear conversations and little funny bits of chatter that actually make you chuckle to yourself. So, here are some of the odd snippets of conversation that I have overheard or have been present during the conversations first hand : ) Just as a forewarning, some may find the language... more aggressive than my usual posting style but I swear this is exactly how I heard it so it is how I am going to present it.

"Is it wrong to be attracted to a fictional monk?"

"If you can't trust legendary movie actor, Paul Newman, who can you trust?"

"He's just a dweeby hobbit."

"That means nothing! It just means that one is Bond and the other's Jesus."

"We buy what we want, they just piss on it."

What are some of the strangest or funniest things you ever heard? Happy Thursday! xo Novellette

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