October ,28 2014
Novellette’s Halloween Spooktacular! | Day Four

[caption id="attachment_1162" align="alignright" width="300"]wizard:jp I've gotten into calling this wizard 'Egbert' and he is courtesy, once again, from Ana of AnaoftheBarricade.[/caption] The lights go out at your house, Then spirits awake silent as a mouse, With a loud creak, And a frightening squeak, The nighttime has found it's spouse.

Nothing is creepier than sitting around candles on Halloween night and retelling the scariest and creepiest horror stories you can think of. Whether they be local legends, plots from movies or anywhere in between, you are always certain to have a good fright. And a good laugh of course when everyone goes scampering off to turn on all the lights, haha! About a year or go, I was quite successful in telling the scariest story of the evening, retelling a plot from a Stephen King novel Apt Pupil, which actually left me disturbed for quite a few days later. Nonetheless, it was an amazing ride, haha! But I know one of the best ways to be crowned Queen of all Halloween spookiness is to tell a true ghost story. That is exactly what we are going to do for Day Four. Settle in, and prepare yourself as I tell you the completely and absolutely true story of a legitimate supernatural encounter. For those who don't like scary stories, I'll try to tone it down a bit and keep it more on the supernatural side compared to making it terrifying : ) Here we go!

100 Channels but Nothing to Watch

George was the first person to ever live in his new home. The neighbourhood had just been built with the old Native American land of the surrounding countryside still ever present when he drove from his house into town. Having lived alone for many years, coming home a dark and silent home never bothered George. Sometimes he relished in the quietness. One late evening, George came home from the store with a large amount of grocery parcels. Arms full, barely being able to see over the top of his shopping bag, he settled himself down in the kitchen and began to cook dinner. After a long day of work, there was nothing more pleasing to George than getting ready to sit down in front of the TV while he enjoyed his supper. So at a little past seven, George flicked on the TV and began to eat. There was nothing more normal to his daily routine, and George, a creature of habit, was used to his daily routine. Food long eaten, the hour growing late and George falling sleepy, he flicked off the TV and headed upstairs to bed. And to bed he went. As the night grew later and the witching hour passed by, George was startled awake. He opened his eyes, adjusting them to the darkness. There was a sound. A voice. The soft, startling sound of a voice reaching George's ears. A rational man, George thought he must have left the TV on. Rising from bed, he crept down the stairs and headed into the living room where the voice was joined by another. Two voices, high and distinct grew louder to George's ears. For an instant he feared burglars. George turned the corner and looked into the living room. LOGO4:jpThe TV was off. The room dark as pitch. No voices to be heard. Slightly concerned, George did a quick sweep of the house, but not a soul was to be found. Finally, convinced he imagined the whole scenario, George returned to his room, ready to head back to bed. Yet, as soon as his head was about to reach the pillow, the voices began again. But this time, they were arguing. Loud, sharp and distinct the conversation grew more and more and intense. George sprung from bed and raced downstairs. Each thump of his footsteps, mixing with the sounds of the disturbed house. Bursting into the living room, George was ready to confront who would dare disturb the peace of his house while he intended to sleep. No one was there. But the voices were still talking. It was now, when George felt a chill reach his spine. He looked towards the TV, it's screen black and the power button an OFF blinking red. Though sounds were radiating from the speakers. The turned off speakers. George looked closer at the TV, even checked his radio in the corner, to ensure both were truly off. They were. The voices grew louder, their conversation changing from arguing to more forceful conversations, yet the words never clearly reached George. He could not understand them. He stood there for a long while trying to understand, but the language was utterly unknown to him. In an instant, George raced towards the TV and pulled the plug from the wall. The red power button ceased to blink. It was silent a moment. George waited a minute. He waited two minutes. Then from the darkened, unplugged television set, the voices arose again. Conversing back and forth with each other through the unplugged speakers of George's TV set. Frightened and scared, George retreated upstairs convinced everything would be fine in the morning. But his mind raced. Was his technology turning against him? Was he hallucinating? Or, was this something else? Was this someone else? He shuddered at the thought. He was only to discover his whole night's rest disturbed by the constant bicker of the voices in his living room, chattering back and forth to one another until morning brought light into his house. Sadly for George, this was only the beginning of his troubles. Though those stories of true fright (I'm not joking at all here, I was so freaked out!) are for another time or best saved for candlelight story nights. Everything is always so much scarier when people can hear the pauses and stops in your voice. But I can tell you all, this is 100% true. Whether you want to believe me is up to you. And I can also tell you, George still lives in his house. After at least a dozen supernatural encounters, some similar to this and some 'I-would-leave-the-house-immediately-and-put-the-house-up-for-sale-the-next-morning' scary. He's a brave man. So, have you ever had a supernatural encounter? Are you a fan of scary stories? xo Novellette

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