October ,26 2014
Novellette’s Halloween Spooktacular! | Day Three

When faced with an unfair rule,

that no costumes can be worn at school,

there is always a way,

to brighten your day

And to dress like you're own Halloween ghoul.

Whenever I was a kid and in primary school, we were not usually allowed to dress up for Halloween. Bummer, I know. Only if you were really young, in junior or senior kindergarten, would you be allowed to come to school in costume and have an awesome party with your classmates. I can remember older kids trying to sneak down to grab candy from some of the nicer primary level teachers. Alas, no matter how much we pushed for costumes, we were denied. So to save ourselves the denial of a basic Halloween right (haha!) what we got to experience was black and orange day. And it is exactly what it sounds like: dressing up in black and orange and getting to win a prize (usually lots of chocolates or whatever) and glory from your classmates. Well, not so much glory but lots of pleads to share your reward : ) I was thinking to myself how to transition the idea to an older style and to be more befitting of a university level student to wear. Just subtly enough to get the Halloween spirit flowing during the days leading to all the costumes and festive parties. And here's what I came up with! Main:jp Luckily for me, one of my main autumnal coats is this beautiful orange one so trying to track down that was easy! I love double-breasted coats with these types of small round buttons. I think they work best on me because I have quite a short torso and longer legs. jacket:jpI paired it with some of my favourite black jeans and this amazing white and black stripped sweater I just bought from Old Navy. It's so soft and even though it's only three quarter sleeves, I always feel so warm and toasty wearing it. But while styling mostly all black is an awesome look (especially if I take the coat off), I was thinking there had to be one more pop of orange. And low and behold, it came to me... nail polish! nailpolish:jpI received these nail polishes a present when my grandparents went to Walt Disney World in Florida. Wish I could have been there myself! I have tried Disney's 'Beautifully Disney' collections before with lipgloss and other polishes and I love it! It lasts so long and all the bottles tend to be themes with a character in mind. These two come from a Minnie Mouse set and have bows on top in gold. There's also Princess Aurora, Snow White, Arial, Disney Villains and most of the Disney gang too. LOGOTo finish off the look, I threw on my favourite black hightop Converse the outfit was complete. Quick, simple and definitely embodying Halloween. The perfect compromise my younger self would have dreamed of on black and orange day! Did your school ever let you dress up? Have you experienced anything like a black and orange day? Let me know and I'll see you on Tuesday for Day Four as we get back to all the spookiness of the season. xo Novellette

2 thoughts on “Novellette’s Halloween Spooktacular! | Day Three

  1. We never had Halloween, but we do have carnival :)
    When I was a kid, that was a day at school where we where allowed to dress up for it, it was amazing!!

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