October ,31 2014
Novellette’s Halloween Spooktacular! | Halloween


Dear Halloween, The anticipation for your arrival is anxiously awaited this year. The preparations and the details for parties and costumes have been in motion for so long (almost a month!) that I can't wait to see what everyone does to help celebrate you. I think this is the most excited I've been for you in some years. Don't get me wrong, I love handing out candy and looking at all the colourful costumes, but it'll be fun to be a part of it once again. I've decided to go as a fifties girl. Poodle skirt and all : ) It has been too long since I've had to pick out an outfit. It must have taken me over an hour to decide! I bet you don't have to struggle to be popular amongst your siblings, Halloween. After brother Christmas, you're always peoples second favourite choice. Maybe, because like Christmas, you feel like you last so much longer than that one frightful night on the 31st or the week leading to it. It's like there is an entire month dedicated to preparing for you. Especially, once Thanksgiving has come and gone. So close together yet, so different the two of you are. Do you like being the scariest holiday? Striking fear into peoples hearts? I think you're more of a prankster than frightening. It's not trick or treat for nothing, haha! At least you would always be up for a good laugh or for giving people a good start. Either way, I'm sure everyone loves your scary side too. All the jack-o-lantern faces and the ghosts and witches. People wouldn't recognize you without all those things and your traditional colour scheme of black and orange of course. But, please, try not to scare me to badly this year, Halloween. I would like to be able to sleep in the morning : ) Yours, xo Novellette P.S. Tell Christmas, it's not long now!
I hope you all enjoyed my Halloween themed week. I definitely had a fun time writing all the posts. I'll return to my normal schedule of Wednesday and Sunday this week, starting Wednesday, so I will see you all then : )  

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