October ,30 2014
Novellette’s Halloween Spooktacular! | Day Five

Fangs dripping with blood are revealed in a grin,

A soul tormented, plagued with sin,

It's ease to say,

That on Halloween day,

They can hear the blood pumping through your skin.

[caption id="attachment_1161" align="alignleft" width="300"]Frightful vampire by Ana of AnaoftheBarricade Frightful vampire by Ana of AnaoftheBarricade[/caption]

Recipe for a Halloween Vampire

- 1 litre of blood - 1 pound of ice - 2 cups of drama *- 1/2 teaspoon of sparkles (optional - depending if you want your vampire to be a teen heartthrob or not) - 1 1/4 cups of sarcasm *- 3 cups of fear (interchangeable with 1 cup fear and 2 cups of tortured soul) - 1 tablespoon of bloodlust - 1 ounce of humanity - a pinch of regret - a dash of sex appeal Mix together well. Let broil for a couple hundred years. Then voila! Note: for those interested in recreating a specific vampire. LOGO:5For Dracula: Let simmer for 80 years for pure, original, vampiric awesomeness. For Edward Cullen: Let brood in loneliness for 10 minutes and then refrigerate until ice cold to enhance diamond shine. Warning: Garlic should be on hand during prep time. Interviewers beware. Recipe should be avoided by doppelgängers (unless they are looking to be involved in an eternal love triangle.) xo Novellette

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