October ,24 2014
Novellette’s Halloween Spooktacular! | Day Two

Illustrations by my friend Ana of ‘AnaoftheBarricade.‘ The popcorn is fresh, just made, A goodnight’s sleep is the price to be paid, When horror movies are shown, Fear freezes some to stone As darkness arrives…

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October ,22 2014
Novellette’s Halloween Spooktacular! | Day One

Ghost, goblins, and ghouls are about to rise Making the witching hour feel more dark While kids dawn their Halloween disguises Ready for candy with every makeup mark. Your bones shake from a blood curdling…

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October ,19 2014
Lyrical Lessons

Long train rides are often the best times to think. Watching the world fly by you ever so quickly and hearing the roll of the wheels on the tracks below your feet is always something…

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October ,15 2014
Writing Wisdom #4: Daring Description

As I was settling down to write, I realized that I’ve just passed fifty posts on Novellette. So, yay! And thank you to everyone who has joined me on the road so far, it means…

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