November ,30 2014
Updating the iPod #4: Christmas Edition

You know when the radio stations start tuning into Christmas music all the way back on November 1st, the Christmas season is right around the corner! It’s always the first thing to get me into…

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November ,26 2014
On Days Like This…

Hello everybody! Each day lately seems to be passing in a whirlwind of due assignments, coffee dates, and trying to find time to sleep. Not to mention having my emotions flying off the charts trying…

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November ,23 2014
For the Love of Lashes

With the array of Christmas parties just on horizon, the makeup counters at the mall have been a flutter with new products and bringing back those old favourites. I’ve definitely been exercising self-restrain in the…

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November ,19 2014
Four Reasons I Love ‘the Flash’

Whether you’ve seen the new CW show The Flash or not, it is most likely you’ve heard of this super fast hero. I’ve been a bit of a superhero nerd since watching Smallville way back…

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