November ,26 2014
On Days Like This…

trainstation:jpHello everybody! Each day lately seems to be passing in a whirlwind of due assignments, coffee dates, and trying to find time to sleep. Not to mention having my emotions flying off the charts trying to adjust to every sudden change in situation. But I've noticed there is a cure to these maddening days to either keep your mood or banish it forever : ) So, on days like this...

Tired days - Getting home from a solid 12 hour day, a cuppa tea is the perfect cure.
Happy days - Whether you can't stop laughing or the world just seems brighter, these are the days I never want to pass up. Grab your friends, grab your family and soak in every ounce of beautiful sunshine the day has to offer.
Running late days - It's days like these where I really wish I had teleportation. Haha : )
Angry days - On those days when anything seems to make you perturbed, get your earbuds out and drown yourself in your favourite music. Or get out your journal. Sometimes its best to write out all your frustrations instead of releasing them on the helpless.
Sad days - Sometimes a day lying in bed with a good book is the best way to escape your sadness. No, it won't take it away, but the escape for a few hours can often help ease the pain. I like to go for anything fantasy when I'm down. Lord of the Rings, anyone?
Nostalgic days - When you just can't get that old crush out of your head, or just can't remember the name of that person from high school, pull out those old photographs, read those old letters, and have a laugh at how everyone used to look and all those great memories you had.
Fangirl days - What day isn't a fan girl day? ; )
Stressful days - Not doing anything. After a really stressful day, I like to put everything out of my mind and let the quietness take me away.
Powerful days - For days when you come home and you just feel like a champion that could take on anything in the world, it's always nice to have a little music to make you feel like a badass. I love The Lion King soundtrack for when Simba is climbing Pride Rock to take his place as king. It's random, I know, but it is SO awesome!
How do you all cope with the ever changing days? For me, today is definitely a happy day with a little nostalgia. Looks like I'll be reading old emails and cringing at funny memories tonight, haha : )
xo Novellette

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