November ,5 2014
Fighting the Flu

tea:jpHello everyone! How has everyone been? With all the beautiful autumnal weather, it's not long until the dreaded flu bug starts to rear its ugly head. No matter the amount of preventative measures, the inevitable always ends up catching up to you in one of its thousand forms of annoyance. So now, writing this while a persistent little cough tickles my throat and a stack of kleenex in arms reach, I thought I would share some of my tricks to staying positive and comfortable while sick. We must all beat the cold together! No retreat allowed, haha : ) 1. Tea - I wasn't originally a tea drinker (tea lovers don't hate me, haha) but since being sick I have taken up drinking tea. I take mine with a little honey and some milk and it is amazing! A warm drink (coffee, cocoa, or tea) is great for a sore throat or for a cough and is just so comforting. Why didn't I jump on this train earlier?! : ) 2. Sleep - Cozy, warm pyjamas and lots of sleep is always one of the quickest ways for me to feel better. Maybe I should invest in a Snuggie. 3. Doctor's orders - Whether its the actual doctor, motherly advice, or Mary Poppins don't try and be a hero, and make sure you take your medicine. Spoonful of sugar or not. 4. Positivity - Probably one of the most important factors. Make sure you don't give in to feeling absolutely horrible. As soon as you do, I often find you feel even worse. Try to keep a positive outlook throughout the dreaded dark days and sooner or later, that positivity (and good health) will truly return. Is there anything you do to help yourself stay healthy during the dreaded flu season? Any tips for me in my recovering health? Fingers crossed all these horrible symptoms will disappear in a few days or so. Stay healthy! xo Novellette

10 thoughts on “Fighting the Flu

  1. I just had a really bad cold. Started drinking so much tea. Chamomile with honey really helps my throat and then a big cozy and warm scarf :) I hope you aren’t getting to sick. Have a nice day :)

  2. Great post. I particularly liked the part about tea and other assorted beverages. Sounds like you have converted to the dark side of caffeniated drinks. Should listen to your older sibling. After all their word is King.

  3. I just recovered from this damn thing, I even had to take a few days off work because I was so unwell I don’t think flu and stress mix well topped with no sleep and a banging head aches. Great tips I highly recommend Night Nurse , it clears away the snots and also contain paracetamol so you can get a peaceful nights sleep. Feel better soon xox

    1. I had to skip a few days going to campus and you’re right, it starts adding stress to the illness. With hope the worst is over. *Fingers crossed* I’ve never heard of ‘Night Nurse’. I’ll have to have a look for it. Thanks for the tips, Marie :)

  4. Great post sweetie!
    I love drinking tea as well, mostly when I’m not feeling well. For me, is like drinking a cup of hot positivity :D

    Hope you’ll feel better soon :)

  5. Ah! I tried commenting earlier but it said my request timed out. Here I go again:
    Firstly, I hope you feel better soon!
    Secondly, keep drinking that herbal tea! I always drink herbal tea when sick. Maybe try some Vicks Vapor Rub if you’re congested?

    Get plenty of rest, watch a lot of Netflix, and you’ll be back at it in no time!

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