November ,19 2014
Four Reasons I Love ‘the Flash’

Whether you've seen the new CW show The Flash or not, it is most likely you've heard of this super fast hero. I've been a bit of a superhero nerd since watching Smallville way back in the day. How can one not find the dashing, incredibly self-sacrificing hero so amazing! But since Smallville, every superhero show I have tried has always fallen wayside. That is, until today!! the flash:jpI was skeptical at first about trying another superhero show after trying out Gotham and unfortunately being slightly underwhelmed in the long run, despite my excitement upon its announcement. But on a whim, my sister and I decided to try The Flash and I am so glad I did. The Flash has long been my favourite superhero and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to see him in a brand new light. It doesn't take itself too seriously - A superhero show is all about having fun : ) The powers, the super villains, the variety of fantastical powers. Once things are taken too seriously, it always loses the old comic feel. I love the balance of The Flash and *fingers crossed* it will keep it up. A hero exists with or without his powers - The lead, Barry Allen, is the epitome of a selfless individual. Long before Barry was struck by lightening and given his powers, his spirit was filled with the desire to help people. He is kind and extremely loveably adorable (I admit I have a slight crush on Barry, haha!) and had been dedicated his whole life, super or not, to providing the best for his city and his friends. Even if it means sacrificing his own hearts desires, he is always willing to ensure that those he loves are safe and happy. The mark of a true hero and a good man. Believing in yourself - One of my criticisms about Smallville was that Clark Kent was always refusing the gifts of his powers and doubting his endless abilities. Barry is the complete opposite. When he found out about his powers he utters one accepting word: "awesome!" In that moment, he sold me : ) He has embraced his abilities whole heartedly and that is a refreshing change. Family isn't always blood - Despite not living with his blood relatives, Barry's adoptive family is, in essence, his true family. Having been loved and protected by them for countless years, the show just proves even though someone is not your true relative it doesn't mean they can't feel like family. Have you ever seen The Flash? Are you a fan of superhero shows of movies? xo Novellette

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