November ,23 2014
For the Love of Lashes

With the array of Christmas parties just on horizon, the makeup counters at the mall have been a flutter with new products and bringing back those old favourites. I've definitely been exercising self-restrain in the past days : ) But one product I have never been very adventurous with is mascara. I'm very particular with it and I am definitely not a fan of clumpy mascara. Yet, the other day my Mum, out of the blue, picked me up a new mascara that she saw at the shop. So I figured, why not try it out and compare it to the mascara I usually use to get that amazing full lashes look? both:jpMy usual mascara is Covergirl Clump Crusher in 'Very Black'. I've used this for quite some time and definitely love it because it delivers what it promises. There are never any clumps in my mascara and if you're like me, then this is the first feature I look for. The one I was given was still by Covergirl, but was instead Covergirl Bombshell Volume in 'Brown'. One of my main things about mascara is I usually only wear black. Having a different shade was going to be a change in itself. The packaging promises a mascara that has increased volume on one side and a formula to lock in the colour for long lasting wear on the other side. I have to admit, before I tried it, I was skeptical of its promises. pink:jpAfter trying it a few days, there were a few pluses and also some minuses. On the positive side, it does deliver on promises of volume. My eye lashes are naturally quite long, but my eyes looked quite wide and I was told by a friend they looked really Disney princess-y (doe-like). She sold me : ) I did like the colour change for a while but still think 'black' will always be my go to. As for the negatives, I think the actual size of the container is way to big. It's probably about a quarter in diameter and weighs a fair bit. I was unconvinced about the lock in formula and found that when trying to remove the mascara, it came off rather grainy. Overall, I don't think it'll be a product I'll seek out in the future, but I will enjoy using it up. Have you ever tried either of these? What's your go to mascara? xo Novellette 

4 thoughts on “For the Love of Lashes

  1. I tell you what I love at the min and it is quite cheap? the Collection 2000 XXL mascara, like you I hate clumping . I love products that are amazing even though they are cheap . I willl deffo seak out the mascara you normally use. I have never thought about using a brown mascara I always use black . It’s good to have a change though. xox

    1. I used to use Maybelline before I found this, but I liked it a lot too! Aww, thanks Ellie! That’s so nice of you :) And congrats to you, as well. Yours is well deserved! xo

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