November ,16 2014
Thoughts of November

Morning everyone! Hope you’re all doing splendidly : ) The snowing is falling while I write today. Not very hard but enough so that soon the ground will mostly likely covered with a soft, powdery…

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November ,12 2014
Cake in a Cup

I love desserts. If you’ve read my ‘About‘ page you’ll know it to be a simple, but true statement. Although, rarely does the opportunity to have such sweets arise with busy days at the university…

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November ,9 2014
You’ve Got a Friend in Me

I would have never imagined hearing that the Toy Story trilogy would be seeing another film on the horizon. In recent days Disney and Pixar announced Toy Story 4 and I will admit, I was…

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November ,5 2014
Fighting the Flu

Hello everyone! How has everyone been? With all the beautiful autumnal weather, it’s not long until the dreaded flu bug starts to rear its ugly head. No matter the amount of preventative measures, the inevitable…

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