November ,30 2014
Updating the iPod #4: Christmas Edition

music:xmas:jpYou know when the radio stations start tuning into Christmas music all the way back on November 1st, the Christmas season is right around the corner! It's always the first thing to get me into the Christmas spirit. Who can resist singing along to all those favourites : ) And covering a genre all on its own, there is no way I could let the season go by without dedicating a Christmas Edition of 'Updating the iPod'.

Christmas Music

Dating way, way, WAY back, there has always been tons of chants and hymns about the festive seasons whether religious or more commercial in nature. With multiple interpretations and a wide variety of different instruments and styles, Christmas music has to be one of the broadest genres out there. Plus, something I always liked was the idea of carollers singing. I've never actually seen real carollers singing about for the season, but I've always wanted to. Have any of you ever got to experience that? Maybe it's more of a small town thing : )

Some of my absolute favourite songs for Christmas are:

"A Holly Jolly Christmas"

"Let is Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow"

"Deck the Halls"

"O Holy Night"

"Silver Bells"

"Winter Wonderland"


Which Christmas songs do you like listening to for the holiday season? Or are you not a fan of Christmas music? xo Novellette

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