November ,9 2014
You’ve Got a Friend in Me

I would have never imagined hearing that the Toy Story trilogy would be seeing another film on the horizon. In recent days Disney and Pixar announced Toy Story 4 and I will admit, I was slightly hesitant. Were you as surprised as me? The Toy Story trilogy is one of my favourites and I was very satisfied with the ending of the third film. I will admit it brought me to tears. It's themes of love, letting go and friendship are extremely heartwarming whether you're a child or adult. ToyStory:pThe friendship between Woody and Buzz is so natural and despite its ups and downs, the two are obviously destined to be best friends. I don't think its that far of a reach to say they could be one of my best friend pairings from any movie or television show. And I got to thinking who else I would consider my favourite friendships (or bromances as my friend would say)?

sam&dean1. Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural

For anyone who's ever watched Supernatural, Sam and Dean are an obvious choice (from the earlier seasons especially). A good brothers story and have you seen those amazing brotherly hugs?! Perfect. It made the first five seasons (or First Generation Supernatural as I call it) so worth the watch.

hawk:3002. Hawkeye Pierce and B.J. Hunnicutt from M*A*S*H

Dealing with the pressure of surgery halfway around the world in the middle of war is a troubling task. But with these two together, they always tried to make the best of it. Through thick and thin, sadness and bravery, these two always had each others back. With a little good humour of course : )

sherlock:3003. Sherlock Holmes and John Watson from Sherlock

Technically in any Sherlock Holmes media (movies, television, books), these two are unlike any other. Probably one of the longest lasting bromances of all of these! With Sherlock's wit and John's good faith, they are unstoppable and down right iconic.

whitecollar:3004. Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke from White Collar

Probably the most unconventional with Neal being a white collar criminal and Peter being and FBI agent, but somehow these two make it work. Despite the lies and deceit, they always manage to come back together and prove even the most unlikely friendships can be the strongest. What do you think of my choices? Do you like any of these bromances? What are some of your favourites? Happy Sunday! xo Novellette P.S. Special shout out to Merlin and Arthur from Merlin (aka. Merthur) which is my die hard bromance forever and always : )

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