December ,24 2014
Happy Holidays from Novellette – 2014

Merry Christmas Eve! The festivities are due to be in full swing in a few hours and I hope that you all are enjoying the holidays! I've really enjoyed these festive posts. Hopefully you guys have too. It hasn't been quite Blogmas but maybe next year I can try that out : ) So I'll leave you this Christmas season with this Letter to Christmas.

charliebrowntreeDear Christmas, Finally, you're here. I swear, you're arrival is the one that feels like an eternity coming on but is then over faster than I could have wanted. But, you're the most popular of your siblings for a reason : ) With the house decorated in coloured lights and the tree shining brightly, your presence is always felt weeks in advance. I think part of the reason you are loved so much is because of the feeling you bring. The world is illuminated in a happy spirit. I wish it could last forever. Yet, no matter how short a time, it's a great reminder of the goodness in people during this time of year. The family gatherings are coming too, similar to when your brother Thanksgiving came along. The large meals and the endless row of cakes and desserts. But it is only at your arrival when the extra plate is set for an unknown traveller. For anyone who needs to find their way. But I think you appear as two people to me. One, old, red suited and jolly. And the other more young and peaceful. A lot of people probably see you similarly. Some thinking one of you is more important than the other, though that doesn't matter. What matters is that any version of your arrival is welcomed. Any sight of you sitting at the table talking and bringing a serenity with your laughing is all I look for. It would be wrong of me to say that you aren't my favourite visitor of the year. You most certainly are! And I know the day you head away, I'll be waiting for you again. So let's make the most of this time together. Protect and love those who need you this time of year, it can be difficult for some, and have a great time celebrating! Happy holidays, xo Novellette

6 thoughts on “Happy Holidays from Novellette – 2014

  1. What an absolutely beautiful post! Novellette , you have an art of expressing with words the way the world is feeling. I am sure that all of us that read your amazing blog , agree with me. Looking forward to a whole new year of reading your posts!
    Merry Christmas Novellette and a Happy New Year too.

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