January ,25 2015
The Classic Pastry Platter

It's always a given whenever friends or family come over for a nice chit chat or girls night in, food is involved. And when there's food, there's dessert. Whether you're a cake, ice-cream, or pastry person, usually no one has any complaints when it comes to picking a sweet nothing for after a good meal. But sometimes there just isn't time after a busy day at work or school to get to baking. Luckily, in this day and age, there are a ton (and I mean a ton) of places where you can pick up delicious treats that require no time at all, except jumping in the car to go to the store on the way home. Easy right? Having found myself in a similar situation last night, it was just a matter of what type of pastries and cakes could be selected out of the endless bakery options. Here's my take on some of the go to favourites when you want to let your guests have a nice variety : ) maindessert My personal favourites are always bite sized fruit cheesecakes! The fruit on top makes the plate look so much prettier and gives splashes of colour. In the photo, I have strawberry and raspberry which are two of my preferred types : ) chocolatemousse Something chocolate is always a must have. People love chocolate! I think it may be a law of the universe, haha! This particular chocolate sweet is a chocolate mousse cake. It may sound sweet, but only being a mouthful, it is just enough to satisfy that chocolate craving. canolli Next is the cannoli. A classic Italian treat filled with ricotta and dusted with powdered sugar. I first tried one of these on my 19th birthday two years ago and I have definitely become a fan. They complement the traditional pastry aspect of any platter with the deep fried outside and the just sweet enough inside. pinkmousse Lastly, are the custard tarts. Traditionally these are a Portuguese delicacy, I believe. The crispy outside complements the creamy interior and, in my opinion, is the least sweet. Perfect for the dinner guest who likes to have dessert but is not a fan of the sugary side of things. A strawberry mousse is in the tall parfait glasses. These are a little more formal and I usually put whip cream on top of mine. The mousse completes our necessities by being the one dessert you can eat with a spoon and avoid any sticky fingers. Are you a fan of pastries? Which would be your favourite? xo Novellette

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