January ,14 2015
Mastering the Art of Presenting

It was not long ago when the thought of presenting a project or speech in front of my peers was something I dreaded. I can remember the hours pre-presentation which would leave my stomach in…

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January ,11 2015
From Generation to Generation

When people say it’s a small world, they are not kidding and I don’t need a Disney song to remind me of it. It usually happens to me in waves of three, but I often…

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January ,7 2015
Mug Shot

Half of the fun of being a hot beverage drinker is the mug. The colourful colours, the fun designs. There’s something in the design of a mug that can drastically change your mood (and make…

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January ,4 2015
The Year’s Monday

January is the year’s Monday. Or so everybody usually thinks. After all the hype and excitement of the build up to Christmas, the gloomy, cold days of January can be a downer. There has to…

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