January ,18 2015
The Theatre, The Theatre

strictly-murderHappy Sunday everyone! How's everything been going on your side of the monitor? After what can only be described as a somewhat stressful week, yesterday night was the cure I was hoping to find. My sister and I received theatre tickets for Christmas and last night was time to cash them in. We went to see Strictly Murder by Brian Clemens which was a drama about a woman in pre-World War II who believes her husband is a high profile killer. Anything historically set is always a bonus for a theatre fanatic like me : ) Before hand the two of us and the family went out to dinner at a restaurant called 'Oliver & Bonacini' (which I definitely needed)! I tried it some while ago and have been excited to head back. And after talking it up for the past few months, the family finally had a chance to go and experience it as well. I had an amazing portobello mushroom and fresh mozzarella sandwich with red pepper aïoli & chili garlic rapini. It was the first time I'd ever had a mushroom as my main staple in a meal but it was very good. It also came with a garden salad that was crisp and sweet, cutting back the richness of the sandwich. The pretty pink drink is a blackberry fizz and I had to have a piece of carrot cake for dessert with lemon and sour cream ice-cream. I know, it sounds like a strange ice-cream flavour but it was quite refreshing. Plus, I haven't had carrot cake in forever! threeAre you a fan of the theatre? How have you been spending these January days? Let me know : ) xo Novellette

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