January ,28 2015

I've always struggled with finding a fragrance I have truly loved. I'm not a large fan of fruity smells and the smell of coconut is my ultimate enemy. Plus, anything that smells woodsy is always too heavy for me. Nevertheless, the quest for a perfume I could really love to wear everyday continued. That is, until a month or so ago. valentinaI was walking through the mall with my Mum a little while before Christmas when the bottle of my soon to be favourite perfume caught my eye. It was 'Valentina' by Valentino. It has a really light scent and one that makes me feel classy and elegant. A nice confidence booster like I never saw one : ) The one thing that I really like about it as well is that it is a scent that lingers when you walk by but is not overpowering. One puff from the bottle and that is enough. I never liked when someone walks by you and you just get this thick cloud that lasts forever. I prefer when you get that whiff of smell and then gone. Kind of like a mystery. I love the nice shaded caramel and white flowers on the bottle and it is just the right size. It's about the same size as my palm. Nothing clunky or too flashy. Just a happy medium between subtlety and beauty. Have you ever seen this? Or do you have a favourite scent? Is there a type of perfume you think I should check out? xo Novellette

2 thoughts on “Valentina

  1. I have to admit I never seen this parfume but I’ve never been too addicted to parfumes in general anyway. I found one by Christina Aguilera (I think it was from her collection, I’m not even sure) that I liked for a while, but now I don’t use it very often. I also found a really light eau de toilette from The Body Shop that I actually used a lot. But I don’t know why, most of the time I just forget to spray it on me. Oh well…

    1. Before I found this, I used to always forget to use perfume too because it was never a product I felt I always wanted to have. Now, I always reach for it. Thanks Ellie!

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