February ,25 2015
The Oscars – 2015

Normally I would let an award season pass without much truly noteworthy chatter for the next few days. I can say that this year was quite different. For those of you who follow me on…

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February ,22 2015
Writing Wisdom #5: Secondary Characters

I realized it’s been a bit too long since I did one of these posts. Since they’re some of my favourites why not jump right back into it. If you haven’t seen the previous posts…

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February ,18 2015
‘Once’: The Musical

Hey everybody! How have you been lately? The university actually gave us all a week off from study. I’m surprised I’ve remembered how to sleep in ; ) To the start the week of relaxation,…

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February ,15 2015
5 Ways to Improve Your Everyday Health

We all know that with the hectic-ness of life, sometimes things just slip by us. Often, keeping better care of ourselves can be one of them. When you wake up twenty minutes late or can’t…

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