February ,15 2015
5 Ways to Improve Your Everyday Health

5waysWe all know that with the hectic-ness of life, sometimes things just slip by us. Often, keeping better care of ourselves can be one of them. When you wake up twenty minutes late or can't combat the horrid weather (as I write it's -31 outside), those little reminders are never at the top of the list. But lately, I've thought about five ways to make sure you can get in the extra bursts of health you might need to keep you going during this eternal winter. 1. Moisturizer - In winter, it's hard pressed to not have dry cracked hands. Your face is just as important to keep moisturized. I know when rushing to put makeup on, I often skip this, but a quick layer underneath and you will be so grateful. Ever since I started using one, my skin has been so much softer than before. 2. Go for a walk - A great way to get a bit of exercise in and keep active. Even 10 or 15 minutes gets your legs moving and those muscles working if the gym isn't in the cards. 3. Mouthwash - A strange one to include, I know, but I think people often forget about teeth health. I sound like a dentist now, haha! Despite making your breath minty fresh (always a bonus!), it helps to combat any dental worries. And on top of everything nowadays, why should you have to worry about that? 4. Drink lots of water - Dehydration is the enemy! Even if your exercise is lessened in winter, you still need to keep your hydration level high. Having a bottle of water in your backpack or at your desk can help ensure you get the desired water content and don't risk that painful headache and dizzy spell. Been there too many times, I'm afraid. 5. Do what you love - A simple as that really ; ) A healthy mindset, is a healthy you. Are there any things you do to stay healthy at this time of year? Happy Sunday! xo Novellette

6 thoughts on “5 Ways to Improve Your Everyday Health

  1. Great post, I loved it!
    For me, since sometimes I forget to drink lots of water, I try to at least drink a lot of tea. And that’s something I find really easy to do when the weather outside is that cold.
    Also, I think that doing something you love is one of the most important things to be happy and, by consequence, healthy!


  2. Agreed! It’s so easy to forget about making time for the things that you love. I always have a little tiny bottle of mouthwash in my handbag on the go to give a little swill when my mouth is feeling icky.

    Liz x

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