February ,18 2015
‘Once’: The Musical

ONCElogoHey everybody! How have you been lately? The university actually gave us all a week off from study. I'm surprised I've remembered how to sleep in ; ) To the start the week of relaxation, my sister and I ventured to the theatre district of Toronto to see the musical Once. It's a play, set in a Dublin pub, about two people who help each other put the pieces of their lives back together through music. Trying to help one another reconnect with their past lovers, they end up falling in love with one another, only to discover love is, as always, complicated. It was very romantic, I would say : ) GuyandGirlThe performance I attended starred Ian Lake and Trish Lindstrom in the star-billing roles. Fun Fact: Apparently in an English version of the production, Arthur Darvill, aka. Rory Williams from Doctor Who (Whovians unite!) played the lead role of 'Guy'. One of the aspects of the musical I enjoyed the most was the characters portrayed by Lake and Lindstrom were simply named: 'Guy' and 'Girl', while every other character had a name. Without names, anyone can situate themselves in the role of either character. Imagining yourself opposite a handsome, Irish, folk singer is alright with me ; ) Being a musical, this production did not fail with it's songs. The musical numbers, though lacking in the huge, explosive magnitude of other productions I have seen, had an intimacy and warmth that were very comforting and a joy to hear. The collection of original songs with a traditional Celtic feel, made the size of the theatre seem to shrink and you felt as though it was a private concert verses large scale production. One of the most popular songs 'Falling Slowly' won a Oscar in 2008 after appearing in the film adaption of the musical. I've linked the movie version from YouTube below if you want to have a listen! [embed]http://youtu.be/FkFB8f8bzbY[/embed] Overall, I think the most impressive part of the whole experience was before the play even began. As people were filing into the theatre, members of the cast were already up on stage, performing traditional Irish folk songs and dancing. But, the audience members were allowed to go up on stage and stand on the pub set and order drinks from the working bar. It opened up the experience of standing on the professional theatre to everyone and it was truly spectacular. So as a general breakdown I would say: if this musical happens to come near you, I would whole heartedly recommend going. Or if you've seen it, or the movie, let me know what you thought! xo Novellette

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  1. I saw the movie a while ago and absolutely loved it. It’s one of those I can watch again and again. The soundtrack is amazing and I love that actors actually feature on the movie soundtrack. I am sure the theatre production is good as well.

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