February ,11 2015
Love Those Love Songs

Of course no Valentine’s Day can ever go by without my iPod playlist tuning into some great love songs. Truthfully, I keep a playlist of these all ┬áthe time when I’m writing! If they can…

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February ,8 2015
Favourite Valentine’s Couples

Valentine’s Day is officially less than a week away. So it’s no surprise that every television station has started to play rom-coms on a loop. Usually I’m not a fan of the rom-com but at…

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February ,4 2015
Don Giovanni

One thing I don’t think I’ve shared on Novellette so far is my love of the opera. When I mentioned before that I loved all types of music, it was definitely no exception. Ever since…

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February ,1 2015
Classic Reads Wish List

Happy Sunday everyone! Can you believe it’s already February? Despite the tons of uni readings to sift through, recently I’ve been thinking about getting back to reading for fun. Yes, it has become so hectic…

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