February ,25 2015
The Oscars – 2015

Normally I would let an award season pass without much truly noteworthy chatter for the next few days. I can say that this year was quite different. For those of you who follow me on Twitter (@EtteElla), you’ll probably already know I am a bit of a fangirl when it comes to Eddie Redmayne. I have been a fan of his for such a long time, back when he was in “The Good Shepard” in 2006 with Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie. He is so adorably awkward that it’s pretty hard not to love him ; ) Having him nominated for best leading actor for ‘The Theory of Everything’ meant I needed to make sure I was watching when he won. I was pretty confident he would and luckily, like my tears of excitement expressed, he did! *Victory dances* While I was waiting for the show to begin, I noticed myself really liking a lot of the fashion on the red carpet this year and I thought I would share some of my favourite looks with you all. Let me know what your favourite looks were and if you watched the awards this year!   anna Anna Kendrick's was my absolute favourite of the evening! The colour, the style, the amazing glittery neckline. It's so lovely and her up-do accented it very well. Cumberbatch hollywoodreporter Benedict Cumberbatch's old-fashioned 50s white dinner jacket and black accents was so fun for the night. Plus, his wife looked fabulous in red and a perfectly matching red lip. Red always makes you stand out. pinehollywoodreporter Chris Pine looked amazing while he presented and he did not fail on the red carpet either. Hitting the latter half of the 30s, he is just getting more and more handsome. His tuxedo was sleek and classic and fit him to a tee. resse I'm not a big fan of Reese Witherspoon but this dress was so simple yet so effective. The synching waist is so flattering for her, though I wish her hair was a little more fancy than the style she usually wears. It is the Oscars after all! redmayne And the man himself! It is difficult to tell from this photography but Eddie Redmayne is bringing it with his navy suit. But the best part, Redmayne's signature touch of velvet with his velvet Prada shoes. Well done sir, well done. xo Novellette

4 thoughts on “The Oscars – 2015

  1. Anna Kendrick was definitely also my favourite of the evening! She looks gorgeous!! I didn’t know Redmayne wears velvet as a signature touch! I’ll keep my eyes out for that, it’s a pretty fun thing for him to do :)

    Sofie xx

    1. I loved how Kendrick didn’t even need a necklace. I want that dress so badly! Haha, yeah, if you look at Redmayne on other carpets throughout awards season he always has a pop of velvet or wears a full on velvet suit ;)

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