March ,22 2015
Mastering Time Management

Hey everyone! I can't believe another week is over already! It seems like the days are flying off into the distance and due dates are hurrying forward. Therefore, time management is a necessity. So when facing the never ending deadlines, I thought I could share some of the time management tricks of the trade I've received over the years to help you master your timetable. timemanagement1. Keep a schedule - Having a list or agenda of everything that you need to have done is a great way to keep organized. Physically being able to see what is due and when it is due can easily make a daunting workload seem more manageable. 2. Divide and conquer - If you have a large essay due in a couple of weeks but a ton of little assignments that are due first, I always find it easier to knock out the shorter assignments. In retrospect, they are going to take you less time and then you will have lots of time to work on larger assignments. I know sometimes the urge to panic over long assignments is strong, but getting rid of any other work will take the pressure off. 3. Know when to rest - Staying up into the wee-morning hours is not going to help. Get your sleep and turn in at a decent hour! 4. Turn off your social media - I know, you're thinking I must be crazy, haha! But cutting yourself off from distractions will help the work get done and stop any distractions. 5. Figure out how much time you need - If we ignore #4, we all know how long it takes us to get settled into working. Like most anything, when you have work to do, you know how much time you'll actually end up procrastinating with Tumblr or Twitter. Make sure to factor that in when you settle down to work. Happy Sunday! xo Novellette

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