April ,29 2015
Picnics and Bookstore Bliss

Hey everyone! Today my good friend Tiffany and I decided that in order to take full advantage of the beautiful weather out, there was no better plan then to have a picnic. I am quite…

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April ,26 2015
Childhood Nostalgia

Happy Sunday everyone! Lately I’ve been experiencing something that I tend to encounter every once and awhile. I start to feel a sense of nostalgia towards my childhood, but more specifically towards the people I used…

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April ,22 2015
E is for Elizabeth

Hey everyone! It is Wednesday and we are back with another instalment of ‘Characters of Quality’. It has been too long since the last instalment of this series and it is time to inject some more history…

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April ,19 2015
School’s Out!

Happy Sunday everyone! Yes, as you can probably tell from the title of this here post, it is official that my third year at uni is over and I am officially on ‘summer’ vacation!! Woot…

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