April ,26 2015
Childhood Nostalgia

bunnykinsHappy Sunday everyone! Lately I've been experiencing something that I tend to encounter every once and awhile. I start to feel a sense of nostalgia towards my childhood, but more specifically towards the people I used to know when I was in grade school. I am confident to say that the last thing on this earth I would ever want to do is go back to being elementary school (unless I can become friends with Peter Pan, haha) but spending 12+ years with the same people day in and day out, and then not seeing some of them for years now, makes me think of how they're living their lives. Are they working towards those childhood dreams? Have their lives been happy? Have they kept their promises? Are their souls still sparked with the adventurous spirit we all possessed once? Why this sudden burst of nostalgia? Well, like anything, I had a dream about it. Though, not just once, twice now for two days in a row. Whenever I have repeat dreams about my past I always know it's inevitable that I will be running into one of the people I used to know. Usually, our meeting will go down somewhat like this. I'll be walking about, maybe listening to my iPod or something and then I'll notice someone I grew up with across the street. I'll smile, he or she will smile, and if we we're close we'll exchange some words. "How are you?" "Oh, great. How's uni?" "Good for you!" "Have you seen so and so lately?" Then we'll turn and walk our own ways, only to have a flood of old nostalgic memories parade through our minds in an never-ending series of subtle laughs, cringe attacks and eye rolls. The universe, however, will never be satisfied with only one meeting and I'll run into that same person at least two more times within the course of a few days or see two other people who I haven't thought about in years. Things always happen in threes, as they say. My memories of being a kid are very clear in some instances and if I close my eyes I can still remember exact conversations I had with classmates, comparing stuffed animals, classic games of manhunt (it's like extreme-tag), double dutch, Tamagotchis, first time feelings of heartbreak, and watching people you've known since you were 3 years old, yes, 3 years old, age and grow. Maybe that's my main thought with this all. With some of the friends I had in elementary school, through high school and even into our young adult years, I've seen so much of a person, that there is such a deep, rich history and it can be hard forget all that. And quite frankly, I don't want to forget those things. There were instances that I can recall when one of my friend's was 4 years old and crying because he got in trouble at school, at 8 years old and my whole class knew he was the best baseball player in our grade, when he had a crush on me at 12 years old, when he became a football star at 16, and when he headed into Toronto for university at 19. It's literally watching the evolution of boy to man or girl to woman with your friends. This nostalgia, seriously, it blows my mind! At the baseline of it all, thoughts like these always help remind me of the person I used to be and the person I've become. For better or worse, those are the people who made a crucial impact on my life when I was a kid and who knows how different we all would have turned out if we hadn't had each other in those years? Either way, taking these dreams into consideration (and I've learned through the years that my dreams are always right when they want to tell me something) I'm sure I'll be crossing paths with an old friend very soon. I wonder who it will be? Do you experience a similar feeling every once and awhile? Maybe I'm not the only one : ) xo Novellette

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