April ,22 2015
E is for Elizabeth

Hey everyone! It is Wednesday and we are back with another instalment of 'Characters of Quality'. It has been too long since the last instalment of this series and it is time to inject some more history back into these posts. So far we've seen Prince Albert, Otto von Bismarck, Catherine the Great, and Dante. Today, we bring things into a more modern period with 'E' for Elizabeth Taylor.

E is for ElizabethET

Elizabeth Taylor was born in 1932 and throughout her career as an actress, and originally a child actress, Elizabeth became a household name throughout America. Not only is Elizabeth often considered one of the most beautiful starlets of the classic Hollywood era along with Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, she lived a complex and interesting life that one would expect from someone  thrust into the spot light. One of the things she is most notably remembered for is her 8 marriages, two of which were to the same person, fellow actor Richard Burton. But, there is a lot more to Elizabeth's story than simply the glamor of popular movies like Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (opposite one of my favourite old movie actors Paul Newman), Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, and Cleopatra. She was also a known philanthropist and strong supporter of raising awareness and monetary support for HIV and AIDS initiatives. Something that was definitely influential to today's popular female celebrities that Elizabeth contributed in the 1960s was her role in the sexual revolution. In essence, this is the liberation of many old-fashioned conceptions of sexual behaviour and the increase positive perceptions of non-heterosexual relationships. Yay, for progressive change! Elizabeth was right at the forefront for challenging the conception of the female image and for that, the wheels of societal change started to turn. A Skill from Elizabeth: Making a statement makes an impact Making it your own: Sometimes its easy to follow the crowd, but standing apart can help make a difference for the things and the ideas you believe. From everyday makeup choices or clothes, to your standards of right and wrong, forging your own path can help you feel confident and confidence means a happier you : ) Remember, it's the little things that can ripple into big changes. xo Novellette

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