April ,15 2015
Signs of Springtime

Since the thermometer hasn’t dipped below +5 degrees in the last week or so, I can confidently say springtime is here. Thank God! And with spring comes a whole bunch of things that I have…

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April ,12 2015
12 Tips for Exam Studying

When it comes to exams, there is a treasure trove of stories. The process of waiting with your exams fellow victims right before the cursed moment comes can sometimes be filled with last minute studying…

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April ,8 2015
The Joys of April

Hey everyone! Today is officially the last day of my spring term and from this day forward, after finals of course, I will be free until my last year in┬áSeptember. Woohoo! And what better month…

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April ,5 2015
Easter Sweets

So of course today is going to be all about Easter. More specifically, Easter sweets. One of the first ways I know a holiday has arrived is when you see all the festive baked goods…

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