April ,29 2015
Picnics and Bookstore Bliss

ladderHey everyone! Today my good friend Tiffany and I decided that in order to take full advantage of the beautiful weather out, there was no better plan then to have a picnic. I am quite an advocate for the picnic. For me, it's always the epitome of spring : ) So after I took a short train ride to meet her, we went to fetch out lunch and settle down in a nice spot of greenery and flowers. The bluebells are all surfacing between the grass blades and everything has been looking so colourful these days. Food wise, I walked by one of the those hot dog vendor carts that appear out of nowhere on sunny days and had to buy a hot dog! Paired with a root beer, I was set. After grabbing some food for Tiffany, we found a spot and enjoyed the glorious day. Nothing completes a picnic quite like a nature walk, so we headed off down some nearby nature trails. I was hoping we would encounter some of Bambi's brethren but no luck this time. I've taken the trail before and been victorious, but we saw some chipmunks and even a green garden snake! The young man walking in front of me was not too pleased when he almost stepped on it. The trail took us right down to a nearby lake swimming with ducks and birds chirping everywhere. Yet, once we emerged from the forest on our adventurous trek, we headed to a nearby bookstore that Tiffany told me I had to see. I was surprised to see our destination was the little gem of an independent book store! There are, unfortunately, not many independent stores like that near me anymore. However, it was incredibly quaint, had a very pleasant staff, and had the latest up to date reads like any larger chain bookstore. Though, as you can see in the picture, my favourite aspect of the whole shop was the book ladders. I have often dreamed of having a library in my house with those types of ladders (probably because of the influence of The Swan Princess or Beauty and the Beast). Tiff couldn't resist the urge to jump right on up and give the whole ladder a push around the room. The store keeper was smiling the whole time : ) I add today to some of the great days starting off my holiday time. Having an adventurer's spirit, I am absolutely looking forward to discovering more places like this in the coming months! xo Novellette 

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