April ,19 2015
School’s Out!

Happy Sunday everyone! Yes, as you can probably tell from the title of this here post, it is official that my third year at uni is over and I am officially on 'summer' vacation!! Woot woot! How quick did that year go by?! SchoolsOutOverall, I would say third year was an interesting ride. Interesting over great, no question about it. I had a lot of different, but riveting classes and some colourful professors which always make the ride more enjoyable. I think everyone can relate to how much better school or lectures can be when the person teaching is passionate and pretty cool. All in all, even though the year may not have always gone over how I expected, I still really took pleasure in the majority of it. And I'm so happy to report that I successfully never missed a posting Wednesday and Sunday! *pats shoulder/back* Now I'll have even more time to dedicate to Novellette and soon my blog will be turning one! l'm starting to get emotional, haha, so moving on : ) Yet, third year felt a little bit like the floater year where you're not quite ready to graduate but you're standing next in the cue. Similar to how I remember feeling when I was in grade eleven and just waiting to be a senior. You are expected to have your checklist startingĀ to be filled in with red checks in preparation for the ultimate check: graduation day. I can say confidently that I do have a plan, so no need to worry about me there. Since next year at this time, school will be out for me permanently unless I decide to go to Master's school, that sounds weird to write, this is my last, full, worry-free summer and I am going to be making the most of it! Yup, up early and taking in all the hours I can every day. I have a lot of plans and thought I would share them with you and who knows, you may see some of my successes or failures on the blog in the next few months! Being a sucker for a good list, here's the plan: - Discover new blogs! (If you link me your blog in the comments I will check it out for sure) - Paint (I've been working on one painting for two years and it is time to finish) - Read, read, and, you guessed it, read, but wait... read... for FUN! - Continue learning Italian (I'm not sure if I've told you guys this before but, yes, I am currently studying Italian and have been since I started uni) - Get my driver's license - Lunch dates and adventures with friends - Disney movie marathon - Writing anything and everything (a pretty obvious one for me, wouldn't you say? Haha!) - Editing! (I have a stack of manuscript pages that are in need of my attention pronto) - Doing more photography - Be more active on social media (My Twitter is @EtteElla if you fancy a chat) - Learn to rollerblade - Nature walks - Day trips to Niagara-on-the-Lake (I went last year so you can read about my obsession with itĀ here!) - Volunteer - Look into Master's schools programs and other future possibilities Is there anything you can't wait to do once you're on vacation? Let me know and I will talk to you all soon. xo Novellette

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