May ,24 2015
A Taste of Canadian Music

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you're all doing well during these lovely May days. For today's post I almost decided to do another of my 'Updating the iPod' series. Yet, after analyzing my playlist I had a better idea. Yesterday was a day that called for a long overdue music update. After purchasing a bunch of new albums and singles, I realized a lot of the artists I've been listening too have been native Canadians. Yay, for representing, haha! If you haven't heard much recent Canadian music, I thought this would be a great way to share some of our fabulous musical talent. I've linked their respective music videos to the pictures so you can have a listen!

mendesShawn Mendes - "Stitches"

Shawn has been the talk of Canadian radio for about a year now. At the tender age of 16, his soulful voice is way beyond his years.

yatesFrancesco Yates - "Better To Be Loved"

With a sound that has been recently compared to the musical stylings of Michael Jackson, Francesco's music can't help but make you dance around your room.

hookShawn Hook - "Sound of Your Heart"

Having been a staple on television and radio, this song has most recently been used to advertise the popular Canadian cop drama Rookie Blue.

helmanScott Helman - "Bungalow"

A Toronto native, not that far from me actually, this tune is a summer favourite of mine. The title was enough to convince me I was going to like this guy.

So, what do you think of this sample of Canadian music? Is there anyone native to where your from that you think I should listen to? If you can't physically go around the world, why not take a musical trip around : ) xo Novellette

2 thoughts on “A Taste of Canadian Music

  1. A nice “shout out” to our great Canadian talent. Some of my favourites are oldies but greats for your list. Bryan Adams, Jan Arden, and the Barenaked Ladies are always fun.
    I can’t wait to update my playlist.
    Happy Sunday Novellette.

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