May ,19 2015
DC vs. Marvel: Final Battle

captandflash-purpleThe final battle! *Dun, dun, DUN!!!*After spending the last three days exploring the differences of both DC and Marvel, we have come to the last showdown. The deciding factor that will split our tie of one to one is iconic factor. Let me explain as the battle begins. As a quick side note, if you still have yet to join in all the superhero fun, you can read about the first and second battles and then join us for the ultimate finale!

Battle of Iconic Factor

Depending on when you grew up, there is no doubt when I say: 'think of three superheroes' there will be three in particular that come to your mind automatically. If you're a child of the early to mid 90s, like me, you're probably more likely to pull on the older superheroes than the new ones. For me, it would have to be Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. The big three. Two out of three being DC with only Spiderman to represent for Marvel. Which three heroes do you think of? Yet, people who grew up or are growing up in this age of Thor and Captain America are more likely, in my opinion, to say one of The Avengers as their personal favourite. But the battle of person preference is hard to put head to head. Maybe the best way to battle iconic factor is to purely put each hero and their media (North American, that is) against each other. You'll have to make the call yourself as to who you think is the most iconic of superheroes : )


First Appearance: the first comic was published in June of 1938 Number of Live-Action Films: +6 and the upcoming Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Number of Live-Action TV Series: +5 including the most recent origins story of farm boy Clark Kent in Smallville


First Appearance: first comic appearance in May of 1939 Number of Live-Action Films: +7 including early 1940s serial films Number of Live-Action TV Series: +2 along with the recent Gotham


First Appearance: his first comic book entrance was in August of 1962 Number of Live-Action Films: +5 and a new reboot in the works (please not another origins story!) Number of Live-Action TV Series: No live action ones here but there was a Japanese live action version at one point.

Iron Man

First Appearance: first emerged in comic books in March of 1963 Number of Live-Action Films: +5 with his own trilogy and the Avengers movies Number of Live-Action TV Series: Not a live-action series to be found here

Captain America

First Appearance: During the thick of WWII in March of 1941, Captain first appeared Number of Live-Action Films: +5 including the Avengers films Number of Live-Action TV Series: There hasn't been a live action show for Captain but he appeared in a ton of serials in the 1960s.


First Appearance: Thor entered the comics in August of 1962 Number of Live-Action Films: +4 if we count both Avengers films Number of Live-Action TV Series: No live action for Thor but he did guess star on The Incredible Hulk Returns in a 1988 series.

The Flash

First Appearance: making his first speedy entrance in January of 1940 Number of Live-Action Films: the first is currently in the works starring The Perks of Being a Wallflower star Ezra Miller Number of Live-Action TV Series: +2 and a stint on Smallville under the codename 'Impulse' So what do you think? Based on these statistics I think DC may take it for an overall more diverse range of TV and movies. Having the two oldest of the group, Batman and Superman, with time as an advantage, it's not hard to believe these two are no doubt iconic and most likely will be for a long time! As a final tally then... DC: +2 Marvel: 1 DC is victorious!!! I hope you all have enjoyed these three special days of posts and have been able to observe my love of superheroes up close. Hopefully I didn't geek out too badly ; ) xo Novellette

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