May ,31 2015
John Frieda Hair Care

Happy Sunday everyone! Can you believe that May is coming to a close already? Today's post is bringing out the beauty blogger side of me : ) Something that has always interested me is hair dye. The amount of colourful shades and infinite choices to change your look are outstanding these days. Though I have never been one to actually take the plunge. Then I came across John Frieda Sheer Blonde and Go Blonder which seemed to be a great step in between. Let me explain. blonde My hair is what my hairdresser classifies as golden brown, but when I was a lot younger, maybe 4 or 5, my hair was actually blonde. Yeah, full on sun kissed blonde and I miss it a lot at times as it got darker when I got older. So I thought to myself, maybe I should dye it to go back to that colour. Then while I was in the shop looking at the hair dye, I saw a print ad for John Frieda Sheer Blonde and I picked it up in the shade for dark blondes. The product promised to remove any build up on blonde hair that may have been making it darker or dull and renew its bright colour without actually dying your hair any lighter. Seemed the perfect compromise! The first time I used the shampoo, I saw an immediate difference. Even while my hair was still wet I could see it was lighter than before. It has such a lovely scent, very floral and earthy, which is not too powerful and a little tends to go a long way so the bottle (though I am on my third now!) lasts a long time. Once my hair dried, the soft highlight of blonde that I was once so used to was prevalent and I can't tell you how bright I smiled! I noticed the conditioner that goes with the shampoo made my hair extremely silky and soft and even made the natural wave in my hair more prominent. After a few weeks of great results and researching some more John Frieda products, I decided to take another plunge into the pool. On another shopping day, I picked up John Frieda Go Blonder and it's matching conditioner as well. blonde2Go Blonder intends to lighten your blonde hair but is ammonia and peroxide free. Yay! I was weary about whether or not any product that promised to change the actual colour of my now increasingly lighter hair would make it dry and brittle. My fears were completely banished! Not only did the product do as it said and increased the blonde tint in my hair, it made it shiny and a blonde colour that is never too blonde or yellowy in tone. It looks very, very natural to the point where you would think spending a day out by the pool in the sun would have done all the work. The matching conditioner was very similar to the normal Sheer Blonde conditioner and had the same effects which was a bonus. Scent wise, this one is also very fresh and I always get compliments on how go it smells whenever I use this, haha : ) You don't need both the shampoo and conditioner to see the effect but I am a conditioner girl so that was an easy decision for me. Also, if you wanted to try one of each you can even mix and match them and they work in beautiful compliment to each other. I often mix and match, especially if I haven't had time to stop by the shop, haha! Plus, the benefit to a product like this that I absolutely love is that if I had hated the colour, simply not using it anymore would revert my hair back to normal in a week or so. So no fear about having to go and dye your hair back to normal or having those tears of unhappiness when you hate your hair. Trust me, we've all been there. I think I would be really upset if they ever stopped making this product. It is the perfect balance of getting that colour boost without even needing to dye your hair. Though my hair will most likely never be naturally blonde as blonde like when I was a kid, the enhanced golden brown colour that I no longer have to wait until summer for, is something I absolutely love. I would definitely say to give it a go if you're like me and your hair was once blonde and has lost that blonde shine or if you're a true blonde to this day and just want to give your hair a little sun kissed shimmer : ) And if you're not blonde, John Frieda also has a line of products designed specifically for brunettes and red heads as well that promise similar results in their respective shades. It's always great when they cover all corners! Here's a link to the Frieda official website if you want to have a look (here!). xo Novellette

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