May ,19 2015
DC vs. Marvel: Final Battle

The final battle! *Dun, dun, DUN!!!*After spending the last three days exploring the differences of both DC and Marvel, we have come to the last showdown. The deciding factor that will split our tie of one…

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May ,18 2015
DC vs. Marvel: Issue #2

Here we are back for “DC vs. Marvel: Issue #2” and with the score at Marvel: 0 and DC: 1, let’s just get right back into it. This time we talk about films. If you…

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May ,17 2015
DC vs. Marvel: Issue #1

Finally, finally, I have seen The Avengers: Age of Ultron! I know, slightly late to the superhero show but I have to admit it was a pretty fun ride. It got me thinking about the…

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May ,13 2015
Formula X for Sephora

One of the things that can easily slip away during a busy schedule is time to relax. Nail painting is something I find that can fall right into that category. Although, being out in the…

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