June ,28 2015
Creamy Mousse Dessert

Happy Sunday everyone! I am back with another recipe. Have you ever been stumped about what to serve your guests for dessert after a nice summer meal? Sometimes you don’t feel like a heavy chocolate…

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June ,24 2015
Read It or Watch It?

It was a well known rule in my high school years that first semester English students read the better selection of books. I can definitely attest to the truth of it. During one of those…

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June ,21 2015
A Wisdom Teeth Tale

My inner child could not let me write a teeth related post without throwing in Chip Skylark! There is no escaping The Fairly Oddparents. Like come on, in their universe the most successful teen pop…

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June ,17 2015
A Quick Note

Hey everyone! Having had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday (more on that to come), I’m afraid today’s post is going to have to be a quick note but a good one : ) To help…

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