June ,14 2015
Adult Colouring Books

Hey everyone! Sitting hear with my cuppa tea, having returned from seeing Jurassic World (it’s never come up yet, but, yes, I am a HUGE dinosaur fan!), I thought its about time I get today’s post up…

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June ,10 2015
Graine de Bison

I’ve been looking at this picture on my camera for quite sometime and it’s time I share it with you all. This painting, currently housed at the Royal Ontario Museum, is called ‘Graine de Bison’…

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June ,7 2015
7 Signs Summer’s Starting

Try saying that title five times fast, haha! Well, hello, everyone! How are you all doing? Here in Canada, everyone is gearing up for summer like there is no tomorrow. I’m sure you lot are…

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June ,3 2015
Breakfast Twist on English Cream Tea

Breakfast is the most difficult meal for me. I tire easily of cereal and a lot of the time heavy breakfast foods like pancakes, waffles, or french toast, though delicious, make me too full too…

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